Our Story

We are convinced that the gained experience should be shared. We know how to find the right tea at a good price.

Learn Tea Gongfu Since 1991

In 1991, 28 of may is the opening day of our store. I can’t believe it, we’ve had a whole era and most of my life, and it just seemed like yesterday. I was very small and actually grew up in a shop. For those of you who have already visited China knows that children often grow up at work with their parents.

Perhaps some of you know how to go on the weekend on the street carts with food (street food), as well as go carts with different products. So we’ve been through this, too. My parents went through the time when tea was sold only in the evenings on a cart, moving from place to place.

Our Promise

We seek to strengthen the positions in the tea trade market. However, as trade developing goes good at the first place for us is taking care of you. And as a consequence, we value our reputation.

100% Organic

We are not engaged in resale. We provide only personal wholesale purchases from farmers.

High Quality

Methods and technologies of testing the quality of tea are passed down by inheritance as kung fu.

The price for the tea 20 years ago

In the past, the price was controlled by the state. It set a price for the goods and paid us a salary. In such conditions my father worked along time.

Only after a long time he was able for the first time to go to another province to farmers to buy tea without the participation of the state.

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