Small Puer Stuffed Tangerines, Xiao Qing Gan | 2 types

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xiǎo qīng gān | 小青柑
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Ripe Tangerine Puer leaves are packed into a whole tangerine creating a tangy, sweet tasting tea. Chinese tea artisans shape and press tea into many interesting forms and fruits seeking new tastes and ways to present the leaf. In this case, the puer leaves are stuffed into the Green Mandarin oranges, then allowed to dry for about a week in the sun enriching the taste of the leaves. The ripe puer has been aged to stuffing into the fruit which gives the base tea a bit more character. The taste is so tangy!

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1 review for Small Puer Stuffed Tangerines, Xiao Qing Gan | 2 types

  1. Maksim Sulatsky (verified owner)

    This Small Puer Stuffed Tangerines are the best I’ve ever tasted in different parts of the world. Great taste of quality puer and really fruity notes of tangerine! I thank everyone who works to create this tea!

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